Wednesday, January 26, 2011


February 14, some of us love it, waiting patiently, our hearts all aflutter, thinking that this Valentine's day will take the cake; champagne, flowers, candy, romance...fat chance. Let's face it Valentine's Day usually sucks. It's a yearly reminder of relationships gone wrong, a sleepless, sexless night when the best you can hope for is the last box of crappy Russell Stover chocolates picked up on his way home from work. Or maybe your wife will buy you a new pack of tighty whities at Target because she's sick of seeing you in those blown out chodies you insist on wearing.

Let's change all that! I have an idea, why don't you come and check out one of my upcoming shows, my etsy shop or my website and buy your #1 lover a painting or print that explores the heartwarming or heartshattering side of love...your choice! I have tons of new work out there...check it out, it might just make your February 14th memorable for all the right reasons!

Current and Upcoming Shows:

A Murder of Crows and Other Avian Stories

through March 6

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 12


Cactus Gallery

4534 Eagle Rock Blvd

Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) CA 90041

The Annual "LOVE/HATE" Exhibit
Love and hate are two of the most passionate emotions a person can feel. They both can cause strong out comes,
sometimes even insanity. Most everyone has felt either the intense happiness or that profound hurt because of love. This Valentine season is a great time for artists and poets to share these emotions. Through paintings, photography, sculpture, poetry/spoken word or song.......people are coming together to express themselves with art.

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 12th, 5pm – 8pm

Show dates: February 1st through February 26th

4130 Norse Way
Long Beach, CA 90808

*NEW Hours: Tue,Thurs, Fri NOON-5pm
Saturday 10am-5pm

Love Sick: An Anti Valentine's Day Event

Psycho Donuts Campbell

Reception: Sat February 5


Get ready, because you're gonna be Lovesick! Our kickoff event for the Valentine's Day season is coming up on

Saturday, February 5! Lovesick is the place to pick up a piece of original artwork inspired by the effects of love (which are not always positive). If you're truly feeling lovesick, come to

Lovesick for some good 'ole Psycho Karaoke in the Padded Cell, with our good friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke. And of course, your favorite Psycho

Valentine's Day donuts will be on hand - who remembers Shot Thru the Heart, and Blueballs??

Don't forget my etsy shop!


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