Monday, June 6, 2011

Trying Something New

Keeping things new and exciting is always a challenge and I'm not just talking about my marriage (hee hee). As an artist I try challenging myself regularly, I figure there's always something to learn and I don't want to just settle into one thing and become a Thomas Kincaid type, cranking out the same crap day after day. (Note: His stuff is crap, not mine, but I guess that's a matter of opinion) Anyways, you gotta grow, change and part of that means trying new things in order to keep it fresh, peoples.

OK so I'm a painter, but I'm always experimenting with new materials, I'm a freak for inks, odd rubber stamps, fancy art markers and all kinds of art supply store goodies. I often work in clay, handbuilding sculpture and for my day job I make alot of handmade tiles for architectural projects. However, I've never been able to master the art of throwing pots. While in college many years ago I attempted this great feat and was a complete failure. Of course back in those days they were kick wheels, none of this silent electric wheel stuff, it was hard work. The fact is I never did get the hang of it, my pots all looked like some kinda rumpled tube top on the laundry room floor. Yes, this was the 80's.

Well so recently an old friend who is an amazin
g ceramicist opened a studio called Higher Fire and I decided to take a class. The owner Dan, is an amazing teacher and has been super patient with me. I'll admit I didn't take to it right away, but I'm starting to get it and and after sort of putting my own take on it, I actually like my pieces. I've been using letter stamps for some recessed phrasing and then when the clay is leather hard carving in some of my images. I then hand paint them with glazes and fire. Check out some of my first pieces and some still in progress.

Another new thing I recently tried was making mono-prints. A couple of weeks ago I also got the opportunity to take part in a workshop at The Institute of contemporary Art here in San Jose. I was sponsored by a member of the board there for this workshop where the idea was to take artist who work in other media, like painters, photographers, sculptors etc. and teach them to make prints. The teacher was Fanny Reznek, an accomplished printmaker, who was wonderful in teaching us the basic use of materials. Anyways, check out my results!

Upcoming Show!
This summer I'll be a featured artist in "Mischief" at Studio Gallery in San Francisco. Spend a day in the city and come see the show!

, characters, creatures & comics
July 13th - August 7th
opening reception: Sunday, July 17th, 2-6 pm

Read About Me!
Awesome outsider artists The Nally Boys, father and son duo Wm B. and David "Big Dutch" Nally have featured me on their blog, please check it out! They're both amazing artists from Pennsylvania.

Like beer?
Exciting news...I've been commissioned to design a beer label for a local brewery, this red ale is supposed to come out soon and will be sold at BevMo. More on this later! I'm hoping to do an art show/beer party...sounds fun, huh?

As always, I'm always listing new stuff in my Etsy Store, take a peek

There's also some new work including lots of affordable prints at Kaleid Gallery, if you find yourself in downtown SJ check it out

Feel free to contact me with any questions, commissions, suggestions, you know, whatever, I always love hearing from you all!

Happy Summer!