Sunday, February 14, 2010

Away we go!

"I'll Show You Mine," currently at Psycho Donuts.

Just got back from a great turnout at Psycho Donuts...big thanks to Christine Benjamin for all of her hard work putting this fantastic show together. Tons of really great pieces and things seemed to be flying off the walls during the opening!

I'll be gone this week on a whale watching trip in San Ignacio, Mexico...but bringing a sketchbook! Hopefully I'll come up with some great new ideas for paintings involving complicated relationships with whales or scientific research types (of which I am married)or who knows what.

Don't forget the Sketchbook show at Kaleid is coming up Friday March 5th in downtown San Jose, curated by the incredible Lacey Bryant.

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tainted Love at Psycho Donuts - February 14

I Gave YOu My Heart

If Valentine's Day had an evil twin, it would have been conceived at Psycho Donuts! We have so much killer stuff going on, it'll be positively demented! Mark your calendar now for Sunday, Feb 14 - for TAINTED LOVE at Psycho Donuts! That's right - none of this stodgy, lovey-dovey, romantic, everyone's-in-love Day... our Valentine's Day is rooted not the real world, but in the surreal world!

Want a seriously memorable Valentine's Day? You gotta be at Psycho Donuts. Here's what's going wrong at Psycho Donuts on Feb 14, beginning at 10:00am:

Tainted Love Donuts. You've never seen donuts like these on Valentine's Day. Sure, we'll have some heart shaped donuts - but that's sooooo expected, right? Let's face it - any donut shop can make a heart-shaped donut, and they probably will. So let's get to the heart of the matter... Love takes work, and so does the creation of monstrosities like our "Aphrodisiac Donut," and "The Abstinance Holes." That's right, let your imagination wander... it's ok, The Department of Homeland Security has not implented thought monitoring yet.

Tainted Art. Not your typical love paintings - but original local works from artists who understand that love comes at a cost. Check out whack art from Christine Benjamin, Nic Caesar, Murphy Adams, Skip Crank, Sid Enck Jr., Michelle Waters, Lacey Bryant, Michael Foley, Sherwin Viray, Denice Vaughn, Tamiko Boiko, Carlos Villez,Keith Bowers and Deborah Barba! Let's admit it - real love encompasses psychotic pain - we are out to expose the truth this Valentines Day... channeling art as our medium. Purchase a piece of original art for your Psycho Valentine, starting as low as $35!
If I Could Only Sleep with My Cat

Tainted Songs. If you've not been to Psycho Donuts for Psycho Karaoke, you are missing out on some scarious loopy fun. Join us with our fearless Karaoke ringleader, Korkaraoke. Our standing offer applies - sing a song, get a free donut! Check out Batman singing karaoke last December, and Nurse Dylan killin' it this past weekend! Check out Psycho Karaoke, and you'll know why The Metro voted Psycho Donuts the Weirdest Place to see a Live Show (oh, and Best Donut Shop too...).

Show runs form Feb. 5th to March 14th, 2010
Store Hours:
Monday - Thursday 6am-5pm
Friday 6am-11pm
Saturday 7am-11pm
Sunday 7am-5pm

Psycho Donuts
2006 S. Winchester Blvd
Campbell, CA 9500

Looking forward to some Psycho times together on Valentine's Day!