Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Print Catalog

                                               Broken Dreams

As more and more of my original paintings are on display at galleries I've taken to making prints of my most popular images.  Over the years I've made quite a few paintings but I've had to go through and select those which  A. people like the most and B. I had the wherewithall to scan the image at a good resolution prior to selling it.

                                             Caffiene Junkie

So on my website I've set up a "Print Catalog" section where you can view prints which are available for purchase.  I'll be adding to this all the time as well as listing new available prints in my etsy store.

                                            Playing Favorites

I also have a deal in my etsy store if you want to purchase multiple prints. 1 for $20. 2 for $35 or 3 for $50.  If you get the 3 you get free shipping too!  All prints come matted in a black mat with backing in a cello envelope.

Check out my print catalog at: