Sunday, June 6, 2010

"SEE HERE" solo show ...thanks all!

So the opening of my solo show "SEE HERE" went pretty well. Not a huge turnout due to the SubZero Festival (which was quite awesome btw) happening at the same time. Happily, several friends and collectors came out to support me and I sold quite a few pieces. Woo-hoo! Big thanks to everybody who made it, it was very cool to put together an entire body of work and put it out there. Everybody seemed to love my giant wood puppet whose arms and legs went up and down when you tugged on the string which dangled between her legs and the new clay and mosaic pieces which I am quite proud of. My boyfriend dolls were also a hit, with hottie emo boy Riley selling early in the night (Thanks Chris!) I made a few give-away wood block prints, (there may still be some at the gallery) and I did some serious baking for the event and was cleaned out, big thanks to you all for not allowing me to take leftovers home to eat them all by myself. The show runs until July 9th so please go check it out when you can, here's a bit about the show:

Murphy Adams: SEE HERE

In "See Here" I'm working with the idea of telling someone off, letting them in on how you feel, letting your opinion be known, while maybe what we’re really saying is "see, here, see inside my heart, feel what I'm feeling". My work is about emotion; it’s about what people think about but never say, about what you've said but wish you hadn't or about how actions speak more than words. It’s the process of what we feel inside and how it manifests itself in words and actions on the outside.

My quirky, naive style is intentionally childlike, alphabet blocks spell out heart breaking messages and words packed with emotional heat are scrawled in brightly painted backgrounds. Our relationships with one another, and with the world around us are put under the microscope and seen through a most simple eye, see here, this is who I am.