Thursday, October 6, 2011

Monster mash Up at Psycho Donuts!

Monsters, donuts and art...what could be better? I've got some new paintings over at Campbell's Psycho Donuts for their annual Halloween show.  Try their new Zombie Balls...delish!

Mark your calendar for
October 15, starting at 10am for
Psycho Monster MashUp!

We're mashing together original artwork (by local artists such as Christine Benjamin, Nic Caesar, John Hageman, Murphy Adams, Michael Foley, Lacey Bryant and more), along with Psycho Karaoke in the padded cell. If you've never experienced Psycho Karaoke, you haven't lived! Join us with our fearless karaoke leader, Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke.

Mash that up a little further with off-the-wall donuts, and zombified nurses - and there you have it
I Have Demons

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Jean said...

Love your little monsters painting.