Friday, March 4, 2011

Murphy in March

Never Much Cared for My Brother - original mixed media painting

February is kinda a whirlwind for me. First off it's a short month, and it includes Valentine's Day and what 20 years ago I thought was a good idea, my birthday, my husband's birthday and our anniversary. Boy was I stupid. Valentine's Day is a chuck it sort of holiday for us, leave it to the kids and all the idealistic suckers out there high on love. My manfriend and I spent a few days celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss, as well as our respective (I won't tell you how old we are) birthdays up in Calistoga, soaking in mineral pools, sipping wine and eating tasty vittles. I would highly reccommend it.

I was in 2 great shows in February, Love Sick at Psycho Donuts in Campbell and the Love/Hate Show at Picture This Gallery in Long Beach. Thanks to all of you who made it out there, especially my SoCal folks.

So March, 31 days of almost Springtime goodness!
I have 2 really fun shows this month, please come check them out if you can!

Dollmakers: The Doll Show
Cactus Gallery
4535 Eagle Rock Blvd
eagle Rock, LA CA 90041

So I've been making these art dolls for awhile now. The idea being that if you didn't have a boyfriend to cozy up with I could make you one. Like a teddy bear for grown ups, but not in a blow-up doll sort of way (sorry peeps). So I made some new Boyfriends, and 2 Girlfriends for the first time and a set of Siamese Twins,Gabriel and Damian, one good, one bad.

Delicious, work inspired by food & drink
March 16th - April 10th
opening reception: Sunday, March 20th, 2-6 pm

STUDIO Gallery
1815 Polk Street (between Washington & Jackson)
San Francisco, CA 94109

This is one of my favorite annual shows and honestly one of my favorite galleries. It's got a great stable of local talent and I always see many things there I absolutely love. The piece above titled "Never Much Cared for My Brother, will be included as well as a few others. The recption is on a Sunday afternoon in the city, what could be better. I'll be there, come see me!

If that's not enough I've got new work on etsy especially prints
and new stuff at:
Kaleid Gallery , San Jose
Azuca Gallery, Los Gatos

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Jean said...

Hello, You must know my step daughter Christine. Your dolls are really creative.