Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sketchbook Show at Kaleid Gallery

People often ask me, "Murphy, where do you get your ideas?". Basically, I'm a snoop, someone who justs quietly walks through the world making observations on the human condition. I've got many ways of collecting these observations. One, I'm pretty stealth with the camera phone, I often times take pictures of that unsuspecting person doing something ridiculous, or ridiculously cute. Like the time I saw this guy cramming a giant corndog in his mouth. Still one of my fav photos, I later did a much more complimentary rendition of a hot dog eater. Two, sometimes when I see something visually alluring I sketch these quick, almost stick figure renditions of my idea, sometimes on the backs of receipts or old envelopes I find in my purse. One day in a communal dressing room I caught this lady staring at herself in her giant granny panties with this horrified look on her face. I've been there lady, I know, no sexy panties for me anymore, those days are over. From this I created "Driving the Bus," a term my husband uses whenever I wear those oh so unflattering underwear.

Another way I gather information is by being a good eavesdropper; listening in on people's conversations is great fodder for subject matter. Whether its mothers talking about the horrible play-date they had to endure with their angelic child or hearing kids in carpool talk about their badly behaved parents, like "Oh no its Thursday night and mom's going to "Drunko" tonight, hope she's up in time to make my lunch tomorrow". Seriously priceless, I couldn't make half this stuff up.

You'll be able to see lots of my ideas which led to painting in the Sketchbook Show at Kaleid Gallery opening March 5th at 88 South 4th street between San Fernando and Santa Clara in downtown San Jose. I'll be at the reception on Friday from 7-9 if you'd like to stop by!

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Friday, Noon - 7pm
Saturday, Noon - 5pm

KALEID Gallery
88 South Fourth Street
Downtown San Jose

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