Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Twenty Ten!

"Sneaking a Beer" mixed media on wood 2010

Happy 2010?
You're not serious, January is just about over and I'm just getting started on the new year? Well, yeah. I guess I needed a few weeks to catch up on old 2010, think about what's up for me this year and even make a few resolutions. For one, stop procrastinating, get on the ball Murph! Like this blog for example, writing it was supposed to be fun, but it's become a chore like the ding dang dishes. All that is going to change I tell you! New blog posts galore in 2010! Number two, I need to get outta my pj's before noon...or four, a shower would be a good idea as well, and scrubbing the paint out of my fingernails and off my elbows might be a nice change. Numero three, just because I'm an artist doesn't mean I have to have a messy house. I'll attempt to keep the art in the studio and not on every flat surface in the house. I'm purdy lucky to make art for a living, sure beats other jobs that I've had like teaching comedy traffic school or my one day stint as a 1-900 phone "actress" it's time to get with the program!

New Stuff:

I'm now showing at Azuca Gallery in Los Gatos, there's a nice little window display of my work happening now..thanks Amy! The address is 11 1/2 Santa Cruz Ave in downtown Los Gatos. Check out the brand new originals and prints there!

"Be Mine" mixed media on paper 2010

There's a Valentine show at Psycho Donuts called "Tainted Love," that I'm currently working on new pieces for. Bring your sweetie out for a donut and some art Valentine's morning for a cool little reception to start your day. Check out the event on their blog The Psycho Buzz:

Upcoming in March is the Sketchbook show at Kaleid Gallery, you'll get a chance to peruse through my sketchbook along with I think 30 other artists, and see some killer art...more on that later. I will also be participating in the "Food" show at Studio Gallery in San Francisco, I'm thinking bacon and borscht.

I'm still working with Lizard Skin Studios on a public art piece in Milpitas, where we've erected a 20 foot steel tree and are hanging strands of recycled objects from it. We're still looking for CDs and bottle-caps, give me a holler if you have any! I'm also busy making clay forms for some new projects in the works for Sacramento and one in Poland!

Thats all for to work, work, work!


Jennifer said...

Why? Once a week I rip through my place for one hour. Whatever gets done is done. I have to do the dishes every day because I need the sink and counter to clean brushed and paint cups. I wear sweats because they are my "work" clothes, just like the people who go off to work at an office. Showers are optional when you only leave the house every 3 days to get supplies, prescriptions and food. Never apologize for not writing. It's supposed to be fun, not an obligation. I'd rather know you are painting. Artists are too busy to do "normal" run of the mill stuff. We are not run of the mill people. You are not run of the mill... have you looked at you work lately?? Let's burn that last post, run through the streets naked and scream ... I smell and my house is dirty! ...



Absolutely Small said...

I loved your post! As a working artist, I have many of the same aspirations (and dirty house-ness). High five!
Although I really love Jennifer's comment, too!
Anyway, love your work, found you through the Etsy forums.
Best wishes for 2010!