Tuesday, June 2, 2009

See What all The Hub Bub's About at Psycho Donuts!

You may have read about Psycho Donuts in the newspaper or seen a story about them on the tv. Psycho Donuts is a small donut shop/art gallery who is getting some pretty controversial attention because of their name and the theme of their shop. Donuts have names such as Bipolar Disorder and Massive Head Trauma, there's a small padded cell where you can don a straight jacket and have your photo taken, and there's lots and lots of wild and crazy art. You see there are some in the mental health arena that feel that Psycho Donuts have gone a bit too far. As an occasional mental health patient myself, I feel that Psycho Donuts brings positive attention to the issue of mental health and through their efforts greater acceptance. Go check it out on Campbell Ave and Winchester in downtown Campbell. Take a peek at their blog at http://psychodonuts.blogspot.com/

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